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Abrams and Chronicle

The Healing Yoga Deck

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Fabulous set of Yoga cards.

This handy deck of cards provides detailed instructions for a variety of yoga poses that help alleviate and prevent pain and enhance overall wellbeing. Whether you’re a yoga novice interested in pain prevention and relief, or if yoga is a part of your everyday routine, these handy cards can help you take control of your health.

Each card has an illustration of a pose, step-by-step instructions, and options for more or less of a challenge—ensuring that people of different ages and physical abilities can safely use the deck and reap all the benefits. The tri-fold introduction card includes a table of contents, suggestions for using the deck, a brief explanation about the benefits of yoga, and suggested sequences.

Shows how to perform 60 yoga poses, meditations, and recommended sequences to alleviate pain, prevent chronic conditions, and boost overall well-being.

Contains illustrations for more than 50 new poses.

Each illustrated card includes step-by-step instructions, a list of benefits, and an affirmation

Idea cards for anyone who wants an alternative way to alleviate pain.

Great gift for yoga enthusiasts of all ages and levels.

Perfect, portable deck for those practicing self-care and wellness rituals.