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PIT towel - medium

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What on earth is a pit towel? Well the naming of it seems to be a bit of a mystery but apparently the name is connected to working down the mines … or down t'pit … and all the miners were given a towel just like these. But there are other variations on its etymology out there!

Either way, this recycled cotton towel is ultra absorbent and woven in assorted brightly coloured threads. Perfect to use in the kitchen as a drying mat for washing up, as a hand towel, pet towel or to keep handy with the picnic set.

Measuring 45cm x 90cm, it will deliver years of faithful service at home, in the garden shed, garage or on the beach.

Machine washable at 60C.

Designed and developed by Redecker and Kracht in Germany, quality brush manufacturers since 1935.

Towel made from recycled yarn - colours vary.

We can't guarantee your colour as every batch arrives differently: some batches have no variations and some have large variations. But they’re all gorgeous!