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Mushroom crystals - 3.5cm

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Gorgeous mushroom crystals - these beauties measures approx 3.5cm in height.

Unlock your inner forest fairy with these adorable crystal mushrooms, 3.5x2x2cm. These delightful crystals will bring a touch of magic to any space. Mushrooms are power symbols from long ago. They represent the powers of the world that exist abundantly but are usually unseen. As they have a connection with modern and ancient art, they are a great inspiration.

A perfect gift - bless yourselves and your loved ones on special occasions for good luck and wealth.

Unakite (green/red): promotes feelings of gratitude, helps with personal growth and releasing emotional pain.

Green aventurine (green):prosperity, abundance and decisiveness.

Red jasper (red): sense of justice, strength for times of physical and emotional pain.

Clear quartz(clear): concentration, mental clarity, one of the most powerful stones - often referred to as the ‘master healer’.

Gold tiger’s eye (yellow/brown): enhances focus and will power, self-empowerment and courage.

Amethyst (purple/lilac): protective stone that guards from negative energy, brings self-awareness and healing.

Rose quartz (pale pink): opens the heart to promote love of oneself and others. Healthy and harmonious relationships.