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Circular & Co.

Circular 12oz re-usable cups

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We love these cups at DickieBird ... we have been using them for years and are so happy to now be stocking them in our shop.

The Circular cup is the worlds first reusable cup made from single-use paper cups.

They are 100% leakproof, the simple push lid mechanism eliminates spills and offers one-hand opening, providing total peace of mind whilst youre on the go. 

Circular Cup is insulated to protect your hands and keep your drink warm for over 90 minutes, enough for any commute, walk, run, cycle or kids football game on a cold Sunday morning!

After 10 years use your cup can be returned to be recycled and regenerated into another Circular Cup, and the cycle continues.

Each cup measures 64mm (dia at base), 82mm (dia at top) x 165mm(H)

and can hold 12oz (340ml) of fluid.

Designed, developed and made in the UK.

BPA free.