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Scented candles

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Choose a favourite smell (if you can …)

These gorgeous scented candles are hand poured in Lewes, East Sussex.

Each one is a small batch scented soy candle. 230g.
Made using natural soy wax blended with luxurious fragrance oils.
Vegan friendly with no animal products nor animal testing.

Fully recyclable packaging.

We stock a range of gorgeous scents.

Rose: burn for a bright and romantic atmosphere with notes of crushed rose petals, with notes of citrus and geranium leaves.

Cotton: burn for a mind clearing and peaceful atmosphere, with notes of invigorating eucalyptus, fresh crisp linen, uplifting blossom and freshly cut grass.

Lavender and Citronella: made using natural lavender and citronella essential oils, this candle helps combat those pesky mozzies by repelling, without harming the insects.

Chocolate: a rich and velvety fragrance of melting milk chocolate.

Cocoa Butter: a soft and creamy scent of tonka bean and vanilla, with warm and subtle balmy notes of cocoa.

Sea salt and Sage: a light and airy scent evocative of tumbling waves breaking white, fresh sea air, mineral notes mimicking the rugged cliffs and earthy wood sage.

Geranium and thyme: a bright and clean scent, reminiscent of a cottage garden with notes of aromatic geranium, thyme and amber, with refreshing hints of peppermint and eucalyptus.

Fig and cassis: a fresh and fruity scent, takes you to a leafy green garden when the sun is shining and figs are in season.

Vanilla and anise: a calming, smooth and sweet vanilla fragrance subtly blended with the honeyed notes of star anise.

Damask rose and oud: a rich velvet aroma of damask rose, enhanced by the dusky wood notes of resinous oud.