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Peruvian frazada rug

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These unique, vibrant rugs are handwoven in Peru using sheep & alpaca wool. Each one takes over a month to weave.
Frazada means 'blanket' in Spanish but these beautiful fabrics are heavy and thick and are perfect to be used as rugs, blankets or throws.
Each frazada is one of a kind. They are woven in 2 pieces and stitched together down the centre. You won't find another one the same - something to treasure forever!
These rugs are vintage pieces - please allow for small imperfections which are characteristic of this type of handwoven fabric. 
All rugs are clean and hole free, but threads and tufts may be found.
It is hard to show the true beauty of these pieces - the colours are sometimes subtle and the colour contrasts are hard to show in the photos.

Measurements are as close as we can get to being accurate!