Charley Harper colouring book

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This is a gorgeous colouring book full of Charley Harper’s lovely images.

Charley Harper's artistic life was all about shape and colour.

Charley (1922–2007) maintained a collection of drafting tools familiar to the architect and the engineer: compasses, T squares, and french curves with which he applied lines to paper via a ruling pen filled with india ink. Even in his early eighties and challenged by osteoarthritis, he could still draw straight lines and keep a steady width of ink flowing from the nib of his pen for a long distance.

With painstaking care, the graphic designers at Pomegranate have traced by hand the outlines of over fifty classic Charley Harper images. Thus, every complex image has been carefully extracted and redrawn from the original painting housed in the Harper studio archives. Each flower, beak, wing, leaf, fin, leg, and head has been retrieved and prepared to provide you with many hours and days of enjoyable colouring.

Hardback book with a special lay-flat binding and sturdy, flexible cover.
108 pages with 50 images to colour on high-quality paper.
Size: 22cm x 28cm.
Colouring pages are blank on the back so they can be cut out and displayed.